Answers - Product related information
Question: 1. What is meant by “Cosmetic Lenses” or “Non Prescription lenses”? 
Answer: “Cosmetic Lenses” or “Non Prescription lenses” are lenses that only change the colour of the eye. They have no vision correction power.

Question: 2. What do I need lens solution for and which lens solution should I use? 
Answer: Lens solution is used for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing the lenses. Any lens solution can be used, providing that it is for soft contact lenses. However, it is important to note that you should use the same type of lens solution for one pair of lenses and this should not be changed. You can use a new lens solution for a new pair of lenses only.

Question: 3. Why is there an “FL” mark on the lenses and what does it mean? 
Answer: FL stands for Freshlook, and is Ciba Visions trademark. The trademark is on ALL of their lenses, as a quality guarantee. It is also practical because any optician can see what kind of lens you are using without having to see the original package. You should be able to see the lenses whilst they are in their respective containers, but when you wear the lenses the mark should be invisible.

Question: 4. How dramatic will the changes to my eye colour be after using the coloured contact lenses? 
Answer: How big the difference willl be depends on your eye colour and if you have light or dark coloured eyes. The light will also influence the impact. The stronger the light, the stronger impact of the cosmetic lenses. The 

impact will also depend on type of lens you have chosen. Radiance will enhance your eye colour while Colors and Colorblends will change the eye colour. Dimensions will make blue- and grey eyes look bigger and more clearer.

Question: 5. Will the colour of the lens cover my eye (i.e. iris)? 
Answer: If you mean will your iris be larger than the colour of the lens, then the answer is: No, I would be surprised if it did. This has never occurred before, since the Freshlook lenses are one-size-fits-all. 

Question: 6. What is the difference between the different lens types? 
Answer: Colors and Colorblends are made for changing ones eye colour, exactly how big of a change depends on your original eye colour, and if you have dark or bright eyes. Radiance and Dimensions enhance the original colour without changing the original colour too much.

Question: 7. I have dark eyes, which lens should I use in order to get green eyes? 
Answer: It is quite hard to give you a 100% definite answer, because I can not see your eyes, but I would say the choice should stand between Colorblends green, Colors green or Dimensions sea green. All these lenses will give you greener 

eyes, but it is not possible to make your eyes brighter than their original colour, since colour can be added, but not removed. The light you stand in has a significant impact. Strong sunlight gives greater impact; dark light such as in a dance club environment will give less impact.

Question: 8. If I want to have blue eyes, which lens type should I use, and what kind of shade of blue will I get? 
Answer: It is hard to give you a 100% sure answer, since I can not see your eyes, but I would say that if you want to have blue eyes the choice is between Colorblends Blue, Colors Blue or Colorblends True Sapphire. What shade of blue you will get depends on your original eye colour. . The results will be different, unless your original eye color is brown (the original eye color of the model in the picture). 

Question: 9. My original eye colour is blue, but I want brown eyes, which lens should I use? 
Answer: The most suitable lens for you would be Colorblends Brown. Over brown-ish Colors- or Colorblendslenses, such as; Honey, Hazel or Pure Hazel, could easily give you a “yellow-like” shade.

Question: 10. What is the difference between Colors- and Colorblends lenses? 
Answer: Colors-lenses only adds color, whilst Colorblends-lenses have three layers: one with color, one with a bit of to give a more natural look, and a ring around the iris

Question: 11. Are there different sizes on the lenses? 
Answer: The lenses are produced in one-size-fits-all. There is only ONE size.

Question: 12. Which lens should I use to get blue eyes? 
Answer: It is hard to give you a 100% sure answer, since I cannot see your eyes, but I would say that if you want to have blue eyes the choice is between Colorblends Blue, Colors Blue or Colorblends True Sapphire. 

Question: 13. I have brown eyes and want to get green eyes? 
Answer: It is quite hard to give 100% accurate advice since we can not see your eyes, but if you have brown eyes and want to have green eyes the choice stands between Colorblends Green and Colors Green. 

Question: 14. If I have never used lenses before, what do I need as a start kit to ensure I have everything, and how much does it cost? 
Answer: To try the coloured contact lenses, you only need to buy one pair of coloured lenses and lens care kit (lens solution and a lens container). A pair of lenses costs £16.90 per pair and the lens care kit costs £3.50. The postage and packaging costs £3.90 regardless of how many lenses have ordered. The total cost: £24.30 for a start kit.

Question: 15. Why are your prices so low? 
Answer: We are able to keep our prices at a low cost since we always buy large amounts of lenses.

Answers - Use of lenses
Question: 1. How old should one be before they can use coloured contact lenses? 
Answer: There is no minimum age requirement to use coloured contact lenses, however if you are under the age of 18 years, then you need to have your parents or legal guardians consent, before ordering from us.

Question: 2. What is meant by “right” and “left” lens? 
Answer: Before you have opened the package there is no difference between right and left lens. When you have started using the lenses it is important that you continue using the same lens in each eye. Thereby, you avoid transportation of bacteria from one eye to the other.

Question: 3. Do I need to take an eyesight examination before ordering from you? 
Answer: We only sell cosmetic lenses, with zero power. You don’t need to have an eyesight examination before ordering and using the lenses. 

Question: 4. Can I use the lenses even if I do not have any vision problems? 
Answer: Yes, you can use the lenses even if you do not have a problem with your vision.

Question: 5. Does an optician need to measure the size of the lenses? Do the lenses come in different sizes? 
Answer: No the lenses come in one-size and everybody can use the same size.

Question: 6. What does ”monthly” lenses mean, and how long can I use them? 
Answer: Monthly lenses can be used for 1 month after the seal has been broken. How much you use them is completely up to you. 

Question: 7. Why can I only use the lenses for one month, what would the risks be if I used them for OVER one month? 
Answer: The lenses manufacturer guarantees that the lenses can be used for one month if one follows the proper instructions. After one month the lenses won’t be ”fresh” or in good condition. The lens elasticity will reduce and they will become hard to clean. By using the lenses they come on contact with your eyes’ bacteria and protein. Most of this, however, is removed when you clean them, but when the elasticity is reduced you cannot clean them anymore. After the 1 month of usage there is a risk for eye infections, if you continue using the lenses.

Question: 8. I am having some problems with inserting the lens in my eye, what can I do about it? 
Answer: Answer: First of all we would like to apologise and are sorry that you are experiencing problems with your new lenses. We advise you to read the instructions that were sent with the order, or download them from our webpage. If your lenses are folded or are not sitting correctly on your eye, then you have got a bubble between the lens and the eye. You should close your eyes and massage the area on the eye lid which is on top of the lens. 

Question: 9. Can your lenses give me an allergic reaction? 
Answer: No, we do not know of a case of allergic reactions towards lenses. However, if you are ill or your eyes are slightly swollen you should refrain from using lenses.

Answers - Order and delivery
Question: 1. How soon can I get my contact lenses after placing an order? 
Answer: Once we process a customer’s credit card. We can generally deliver within 2 to 4 business days, or often within one week.

Question: 2. How long do I have before the order is sent back to you (to collect the lenses from the post)? 
Answer: The order is sent back to us after approximately 3 weeks if not collected. 

Question: 3. How do I know when the lenses have arrived and how do I pick them up? 
Answer: You will receive a letter by regular post from your local post office. Bring this letter with you, pay and collect your order. If you haven’t received a note in your mailbox within the following week, then contact us, and we’ll find out where your order is/what happened to your order.

Question: 4. Does placing an order with you bind me to buy new lenses every month? 
Answer: Of course not! You choose what to buy what you want and when you want it.

Question: 5. Is it possible to exchange the lenses, and how is that done? 
Answer: A customer may exchange the unused lenses within 14 days, as long as they are sealed in their original packaging. The retuned lenses should be accompanied with your name, address, the new lenses you want and the reference number provided with your original order. The new lenses will be sent to you as soon as everything has been processed.

Question: 6. Can I pay after I have received them and get an invoice? 
Answer: No, you can only pay with credit card when you order the products.